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:: USB Sticks
Topic: Windows XP

You can find a universal driver for all Windows operating systems on our website under “Downloads.” Unpack the diver on your hard drive and select this folder when installing the driver.

If this does not solve the problem, an incorrect driver signature may have been installed on your operating system during a previous installation or system update.

To remove the incorrect driver signature, please take the following steps:

1) Click on "Start" and select "Find".

2) Select search for “Files and folders.”

3) Select “Search system folders” and “Search hidden elements” under “Further options.”

4) Enter “infcache.1” under “Name or part of file name” and click “Find.” Please delete this file.

After restarting your computer you can connect your USB stick to the computer as usual. Your operating system will automatically recognize your Intenso USB stick from now on.

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