S10000 Testsieger

We are the champions!

Intenso Powerbanks

You are on the road and your battery runs out of power? Trust the test winner of the german test institution "Stiftung Warentest": The Intenso Slim Powerbank S10000. With 10000 mAh, they are perfect for recharging mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, MP3 players or digital cameras when being out and about. Thanks to the integrated microUSB cable, all Android / Windows smartphones and tablets can be connected directly to the power bank, eliminating the need to carry additional charging cables. In addition, the powerbanks have another USB port to which any type of USB charging cable can be connected. An all-rounder for all cases, who has also convinced the Stiftung Warentest. In the test, the Intenso model prevailed over 19 other products and was the only product which received the test result VERY GOOD (1,5).


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