HC15000 weiß
HC20000 schwarz
HC20000 weiß

Powerbank HC15000 and HC20000

The capacity wonder among the powerbanks

Multiple charging options and gigantic energy reserves characterize the new Powerbanks HC 15,000 and HC 20,000 by Intenso. The mobile powerbank is indispensable especially on long trips, festivals and business meetings where mobile devices are used all the time and sockets are rather rare. Tablets and smartphones can be recharged any time, at any place. Even notebooks with Type C connectors can be recharged, being worth also on business trips.

HC15000 weiß

Different charging options for maximum efficiency

The Powerbanks HC 15,000 and HC 20,000 are equipped with two USB output connectors, a micro USB input connector and a Type C connector, which is suitable for charging external devices as well as charging the powerbank itself. The various connectors allow the charging of up to three different devices at the same time.

All four connectors of the powerbanks have different output voltages and therefore provide different charging options. Being optimally used the powerbank can achieve an output of up to 5.4 amps. That is five times as much as regular powerbanks that charge with only 1 amp.



Capacity 15000 mAh I 20000 mAh
Battery type Rechargeable li-polymer battery
Colour Black I White
Output Type C OUT / USB 1 (5V - 3A max.) + USB 2 (5V - 2.4A max.) = 5V - 5.4A max.
Input Type C IN (5V - 2-4A max.) + microUSB (5V - 2.1A max.) = 5V - 4.5A max.


Capacity & Colour Article number EAN Code
15000 mAh Black 7332540 4034303023714
15000 mAh White 7332542 4034303023745
20000 mAh Black 7332550 4034303023776
20000 mAh White 7332552 4034303023806


  • Data sheet Powerbank HC15000/HC20000
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  • Manual Powerbank HC15000
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  • Manual Powerbank HC20000
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