M.2 High
M.2 SSD High 2


The m.2 SSD SATA III High improves the overall performance of your computer. The system can be started in seconds and even demanding applications can be operated easily. Due to its outstanding transfer rates the speed and efficiency of your computer is increased noticeably through greatly reduced access times and working processes.

Thanks to the 6 Gbps SATA III, computers or netbooks can be powered up in less than 20 seconds instead of waiting for more than a minute to boot without SSD. Depending on its capacity, the SSD High from Intenso achieves writing speeds of up to 480 MB / s and reading speeds of up to 520 MB / s.

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Capacity 240 GB I 480 GB I 960 GB
Form factor m.2 2280
Interface SATA
Protocol SATA III (6 Gbps)
Sequential reading Up to 520 MB/s
Sequential writing Up to 480 MB/s


Capacity Article number EAN
240 GB 3833440 4034303025978
480 GB 3833450 4034303026005
960 GB 3833460 4034303026043


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