(Your hard drives for the highest demands.)

(Your hard drives
for the highest


Your digital treasures deserve the best.

Discover the future of storage and rely on hard drives that deliver what they promise. You have the choice between 2.5 inch hard drives for more mobility and 3.5 inch hard drives for maximum capacity. Equipped with the latest technologies and generous storage space, these handy power packs set new standards in terms of reliability and efficiency.


Discover power in pocket format.
Our handy 2.5″ hard drives for your digital adventures.

intenso te memory case

2.5″ Memory Case

intenso te memory play 1

2.5″ Memory Play

intenso te 2 5 memory drive

2.5″ Memory Drive

intenso te 2 5 memory drive bonuspack

2.5″ Memory Drive Bonus Pack

intenso te memory board

2.5″ Memory Board


Space for everything you love.
Our 3.5″ hard drives for storage space without compromise.

intenso te memory center

3.5″ Memory Center