Power adapter W20C

Charging without frills.
In a no-frills design.

In the age of smartphones and tablets, accessories such as power adapters are increasingly being dispensed with. This is where the W20C Power Adapter from Intenso comes into play. A reliable 20 watt power supply with USB-C connection, perfect for your favorite devices in combination with a USB cable. With its no-frills design, it brings reliable and efficient style and power to your charging routine.

Your perfect companion.
Simplicity in perfection.

Compact and unobtrusively designed, the W20C power supply integrates seamlessly into any environment. With its constant 20 watts, the adapter reliably delivers the power you need for your devices. Simply plug it in and voilà. This inconspicuous power pack is your answer to your daily charging needs.





Input connector

EU plug

Input voltage

100 – 240 V

Input alternating current frequency

50 / 60 Hz




Supported (downward compatible)
PD 3.0, PPS and QC 4.0
5.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 15,0 W
9.0 V/DC 2.22 A, max. 20,0 W
12.0 V/DC 1.67 A, max. 20,0 W

3.3 – 5.9 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 20,0 W
3.3 – 11.0 V/DC 2.0 A, max. 20,0 W

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Power adapter W20C 7802012 4034303033225


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