Power adapter W30C GaN + C315C cable

Professionals like you make no compromises.
The ultimate charging set: Power Adapter W30C GaN + C315C cable.

This practical set combines the powerful W30C GaN power adapter with the practical C315C USB-C charging and data cable. Don’t be fooled by the ultra-compact and feather-light design of the power adapter – it impresses with a full 30 watts of power and charges your devices with a USB-C port in no time at all.

Yes, you GaN!
Smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient.

Immerse yourself in the future of charging technology. The new gallium nitride technology (GaN) makes the W30C GaN power adapter not only compact and lightweight, but also incredibly energy-efficient. Charge your devices at lightning speed and leave a green footprint for the environment.

A power adapter needs a power cable.

The set is completed by the Intenso USB-C charging and data cable C315C. The Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) and Power Delivery (PD) fast charging functions and a capacity for a whopping 60 watts drive your power adapter to top charging speeds, while 480 Mbps synchronization ensures lightning-fast data transfer.

Your perfect travel wardrobe.
Braided nylon sheath with kink protection.

The reinforced kink protection, high-quality materials such as the braided nylon sheath and the elegant aluminum plug guarantee a long service life and make this cable a stylish addition to your technical accessories.



Power Adapter W30C



Input connector

EU plug

Input voltage

100 – 240 V

Input alternating current frequency

50 / 60 Hz




(downward compatible)
PD 3.0, PPS and QC 4.05.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 15,0 W
9.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 27,0 W
12.0 V/DC 2.5 A, max. 30,0 W
15.0 V/DC 2.0 A, max. 30,0 W
20.0 V/DC 1.5 A, max. 30,0 W

3.3 – 11.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 30,0 W
3.3 – 16.0 V/DC 2.0 A, max. 30,0 W

USB data and charging cable C315C




Nylon and aluminum


Connection 1: USB-C
Connection 2: USB-C

Data transmission speed

480 Mbps

max. Tension

20,0 V

max. Amperage

3,0 A

max. Performance

60,0 W

Cable length

1,5 m

Article data

Article description

Item number


W30C GaN + C315C 7803042 4034303034086


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