Charging cable: superfluous.
Your next-gen wireless power bank.

Discover the freedom of wireless charging. Simply place your Qi-enabled device on top, charge and you’re done. With a fast charging mode of up to 10 watts, the WPD10000 wireless power bank offers you the ultimate charging speed. Forget annoying cables – get the future of charging now.

With or without cable.
Endlessly fast.

Lightning-fast charging with up to 18 watts. The innovative fast charging functions Power Delivery (USB-C) and Quick Charge (USB-A) make it possible. Compatible devices can even be charged up to four times faster. Discover the ultimate 3-in-1 solution for wireless power, speed and efficiency.

A power bank that thinks for itself.
That is smart.

With integrated overheating and overvoltage protection, the WPD10000 wireless power bank ensures absolute safety. It automatically recognizes your smartphone and other objects and only transfers energy when it is safe to do so. Forget the hassle of removing the protective cover. The WPD10000 charges smartphones with a case thickness of up to 5 mm effortlessly. Thanks to the non-slip rubber coating, the power bank always stays securely in place. A white LED signals the active charging mode so that you are always in the picture. In short: the WPD10000 makes your everyday life smart.

Because fast is not fast enough for you.
Power Delivery AND Quick Charge.

Charges faster twice. Recharge your smartphone at lightning speed via Power Delivery. The corresponding USB-C cable is included in the accessories. For everything else, use the two USB ports with Quick Charge fast charging technology. Charge not only your devices, but also the power bank itself in record time via the USB-C port. With a total of three connections, you are perfectly equipped for your everyday life. The variable shape lithium polymer battery not only gives the wireless power bank its elegant, flat design – it also provides a full 10000 mAh of power for multiple charging of your devices. This is how next-gen works.




10000 mAh

Battery type

Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

Wireless Output / Max. radiated transmission power:

5.0 W | 7.5 W | 10.0 W


2x USB-A:5V – 3A, total (2.4 A max. each)
USB-A QC: 9.0 V – 2.0 A, 12.0 V – 1.5 A
USB-C: 5.0 V – 3.0 A
USB-C QC + PD: 9.0 V – 2.0 A, 12.0 V – 1.5 A


USB-C: 5.0 V – 3.0 A
USB-C PD: 9.0 V – 2.0 A, 12.0 V – 1.5 A

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