Power Adapter W30C GaN

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Small, but wow.

The W30C GaN power adapter redefines what is possible. Don’t be fooled by its compact size – its power is enormous and charges your smartphone with 30 watts in no time at all. Its feather-light design makes it the ideal companion for travelers and professionals who are often on the move.No matter where you end up, whether in a café in Paris or on vacation in the Caribbean – thanks to its support for mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts, this power adapter can be used worldwide. In rare cases, a country-specific adapter is required.

Immerse yourself in the future of charging technology.
Gallium nitride technology

The new gallium nitride technology (GaN) makes the W30C GaN power adapter not only compact and lightweight, but also incredibly energy-efficient. Charge your devices at lightning speed and leave a green footprint for the environment.

Gallium nitride technology (GaN) ensures that the W30C GaN power adapter is not only small and light, but also incredibly energy-efficient. This means that you can not only charge your device quickly, but also reduce your ecological footprint in the process. Join the wave of innovation and enjoy the benefits of mobility and power with our 30W GaN adapter.

Power adapter at the next level.

Extremely compact, extremely powerful – that’s GaN. Goodbye silicon-based adapters, hello gallium nitride, which conducts electrons 1,000 times more efficiently. The use of GaN enables smaller power adapters that can also handle higher voltages and currents and even produce less heat.





Input connector

EU plug

Input voltage

100 – 240 V

Input alternating current frequency

50 / 60 Hz




Supported (downward compatible)
PD 3.0, PPS and QC 4.0
5.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 15,0 W
9.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 27,0 W
12.0 V/DC 2.5 A, max. 30,0 W
15.0 V/DC 2.0 A, max. 30,0 W
20.0 V/DC 1.5 A, max. 30,0 W

3.3 – 11.0 V/DC 3.0 A, max. 30,0 W
3.3 – 16.0 V/DC 2.0 A, max. 30,0 W

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Power Adapter W30C GaN 7803022 4034303033317


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