(Your memories, projects and data can be so easy.)

(Your memories,
projects and data
can be so easy.


Quality is your new standard.

With SD cards and microSD cards from Intenso.

Intenso SD cards and microSD cards not only offer you impressive storage capacities, but also lightning-fast transfer rates. Whether you want to take lots of wedding photos, record 4K videos or always have your favorite music with you – you’ll find the right memory card for your needs here. Because you value quality, you play it safe with Intenso.

SD cards

Make room for more memories.
SD cards for eternity.

intenso te sd karte class10

SD card Class 10

intenso sd karte uhs i premium intro

SD card UHS-I Premium

Intenso te SD card professional uhs i

SD card UHS-I Professional

microSD cards

Micro form factor.
Macro storage space.

intenso te micro sd class 4

microSD card Class 4

intenso te mircro sd karte class10

microSD card Class 10

Intenso te microSD card premium

microSD card UHS-I Premium

intenso micro sd karte performance intro

microSD Card UHS-I Performance

Intenso te microSD card professional

microSD card UHS-I Professional