Power Adapter W65ACC GaN

Top performance for you.
65 watts. 65 watts!

In short: ultimate performance. With 65 watts, two USB-C ports and a USB-A port, this powerhouse charger is the all-in-one solution for charging all your technical devices at lightning speed.

65 watt future.
Small and energy-efficient thanks to new GaN technology.

The special feature of the power supply unit: the revolutionary GaN technology. The result: even smaller form factor, even more energy efficiency. A charger that fits in every pocket and is easy on your wallet and the environment. Are you ready for a greener future?

Power adapter at the next level.

Extremely compact, extremely powerful – that’s GaN. Goodbye silicon-based adapters, hello gallium nitride, which conducts electrons 1,000 times more efficiently. The use of GaN enables smaller power adapters that can also handle higher voltages and currents and even produce less heat.





Input connector

EU plug

Input voltage

100 – 240 V

Input alternating current frequency

50 / 60 Hz


USB-A | USB-C 1 | USB-C 2

Output line

Charging with ONE connection

PowerAdapter W65ACC 1 neu

TOTAL: Max. 65W

Charging with TWO connections

PowerAdapter W65ACC 2 neu

TOTAL: Max. 65W

Charging with THREE connections

PowerAdapter W65ACC 3 neu

TOTAL: Max. 60W

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Article description

Item number


Power Adapter W65ACC GaN 7806512 4034303033379


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