(Red Dot Award.
Our winners.)

(Red Dot Award.
Our winners.

reddot siegel design award 1

The Red Dot Award.

reddot siegel design award

The Red Dot Award: Product Design, which dates back to 1955, recognizes the best products of each year. Every year, designers and manufacturers from over59 nations submit more than a thousand objects to the competition. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, a jury of around 40 judged the products individually and based on the original. The strict evaluation criteria, which include the degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and durability, form a framework that the jurors fill out according to their expertise.

We are proud that our products are recognized not only for their design, but also for their quality and performance. To date, we have won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 7 times. Every Red Dot Award we win encourages us to continue developing our products with great attention to detail and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Discover our award-winning products from recent years.


intenso te wireless charger mb1

Magnetic Charger MB1/MW1

intenso te powerbank a1000 1 2



intenso te externe ssd business

External SSD Business

intenso te externe ssd professional

External SSD Professional


intenso te powerbank pd10000 1

PD10000 & PD20000


intenso te externe ssd premium

External SSD Premium


intenso te memory board

2.5″ memory board