(We give you
Letter and seal).

(We give you
Letter and seal).

The Intenso quality promise.

You deserve the best quality. In every respect. Our quality promise extends from the development of our products to their launch in the retail trade and beyond. We are constantly developing our products so that you always experience the best possible quality. Before new product launches, we conduct intensive research into the product design and performance characteristics of a product. Our purchasing and quality management experts check the products on site. We also subject all products to constant quality tests as part of the incoming goods inspection. We inspect new product deliveries in the Intenso test laboratory set up especially for this purpose. We only release our products for sale after we have achieved impeccable results.

Zero error tolerance.
We guarantee quality from start to finish.

Test laboratory

We subject all Intenso products to a comprehensive, complete test by a test institute accredited in Germany.

Quality requirements

Down to the last detail. The design of a product and all installed components meet all legal requirements in terms of quality and safety, as well as other guidelines that go beyond the standard.

Quality inspection

The products are not released for sale until the test results are flawless.

Quality is not always expensive.

We can proudly say that, thanks to our long-standing supplier relationships and our special quality standards, we offer reliable, high-quality products with an excellent price/performance ratio. Market-leading positions in the various product areas, satisfied customers and good results in independent product tests are regular proof of this.