Energy Ultra
A10 – Yellow – PR70

You are full of life.
Maximum durability with Intenso quality.

Outstanding performance and longevity make the Intenso Energy Ultra hearing aid battery in size 10 so special. With a shelf life of 3 years, you are safe from sudden hearing aid failure. Replacing the battery is effortless, so you can concentrate fully on the essentials and enjoy life to the full.

Note on activating the battery: Remove the protective film to activate the battery and wait 1 minute to get the full power of the battery. The battery is activated by the zinc reacting with the oxygen in the air.



Battery type

Zinc air hearing aid battery

Battery size

PR70 / 10

Chemical composition

Zinc Air (Zn / O2)

Nominal voltage

1,45 V

Nominal capacity

Up to 86 hours (86 mAh)

Reference standard

2006/66/EC, IEC60086-1:2015, IEC60086-2:2015


3 years

Article data

Article description

Item number


Energy Ultra A10 6-pack blister 7504416 4034303028955


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