(Exactly your freedom.
Wireless Charger
without compromise.

(Exactly your freedom.
Wireless Charger
without compromise.)


Who says you can’t charge at lightning speed without a cable?

Where is the nearest power socket? No matter. Want to charge your smartphone, your Apple Watch and your earbuds at the same time? No problem. Whether it’s a minimalist wireless charger or a 3in1 magnetic wireless charger – if you’re looking for quality, Intenso is the right choice. If 5 watts is too little for you, 15 watts is certainly enough. It’s time to put your old USB cables in the drawer and discover the new freedom of wireless charging.

Wireless Chargers

Charging is simply more fun without a cable.

intenso te wireless charger ba2jpg

Wireless Charger BA2

intenso te wireless charger bsa2

Wireless Charging Stand BSA2

intenso te wireless charger mb1

Magnetic Charger MB1/MW1

3in1 Wireless Chargers

Wireless is good. 3in1 even better.

intenso te wireless charger bs13

3in1 Wireless Charger BS13

intenso te wireless charger mb13

3in1 Wireless Charger MB13