(Maximum power
for you.

(Maximum power
for you.


Get the maximum power for your devices.
Charge faster.

More power for your smartphone & co. With high-quality Intenso power adapters and cables, you can transfer your data at lightning speed and get the most out of your devices. Reliable performance and maximum compatibility are your ideal companions. Browse through our range and discover the power that makes the difference.

Power adapter

Full power.
With or without next-gen gallium nitride technology.

intenso te poweradapter w5a

Power adapter W5A

intenso te poweradapter w20c

Power adapter W20C

intenso te poweradapter w24aa

Power adapter W24AA

intenso te poweradapter w30ac

Power adapter W30AC

intenso te poweradapter w30c gan

Power Adapter W30C Gan

intenso te poweradapter 40cc gan

Power Adapter W40CC Gan

intenso te poweradapter w65acc gan

Power Adapter W65ACC Gan

USB cable

The boost starts in the cable.
With or without Apple Lightning Connector.

intenso te usb kabel a315c scaled

USB cable A315C

intenso te usb kabel a315l

USB cable A315L

intenso te usb kabel c315c

USB cable C315C

intenso te usb kabel c315l

USB cable C315L


Don’t skimp on quality.
But with our bundles.

intenso te w30cgan doppelpack

Power adapter W30C GaN twin pack

intenso te w30cgan c315c

W30C GaN adapter + C315C cable

intenso te w30cgan c315L lightning

W30C GaN adapter + C315L Lightning cable