Intenso Micro Line
MIcro Line 02
Micro Line 02
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Micro Line

Data memory in its smallest form

You want to store your data regularly on an external device but not have to think about it all the time?  Simply leave your USB stick in your computer. Thanks to its minimalistic design, this is possible hassle-free with the Micro Line. The small USB stick has also proven itself as music storage in car radios, without interfering.  With transmission rates of 16.5 MB/s when reading and 6.5 MB/S when writing, small and large files can be stored on the stick in the shortest time. 

Minimalistic design


The smallest among the USB sticks allows leaving it permanently in the PC or car radio, without interfering.  


Capacities 4 GB I 8 GB I 16 GB I 32 GB
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Interface High Speed USB 2.0
Max. reading 16,50 MB/s
Max. writing 6,50 MB/s



Kapazität Artikelnummer EAN
4 GB 3500450 4034303012206
8 GB 3500460 4034303012220
16 GB 3500470 4034303013715
32 GB 3500480 4034303015825



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