Intenso High Quality




Intenso prioritizes the needs and wants of its customers and places the highest value on the quality of its products – from the development all the way to introduction to the trade. A constant further development of the product is therefore relevant. Before the new introduction, intense research about the product design as well as the performance characteristics  of a product are indispensable. Intenso experts form the sector of purchasing and quality management check the products on site to fulfil the self-imposed high quality demands. In the course of the incoming goods inspection, all products are constantly subjected to quality tests. New product deliveries are precisely examined in the Intenso test laboratory and only released for trade after impeccable results.




As a result of technical progress the quality of the products which are currently available on the market can vary significantly. This quality is defined on the basis of reading and writing performance speeds as well as the way in which the copying process is carried out. Due to developments in flash technology the typical copying process may display new characteristics.

During the standard copying process data is written to a data carrier at a continuous copying speed. This speed may vary slightly during the copying process. In the case of some products which are also currently available, the copying process may, however, be interrupted for up to 10 seconds. During this time the user will see that no data is being copied. These interruptions may be periodically repeated every 10 to 20 seconds.

These interruptions occur when QLC flash memories are being used and are caused by faults in the product. During the copying process data is initially written to a buffer on the flash. Following this, the data is copied to other areas of the flash in the background. The process is interrupted when the buffer is full because the existing data must be moved to much slower areas before the process can continue. Seen from the outside, it looks as if the copying process has stopped. We believe that this presents a risk of data being lost since the cache could crash or the user could abort the copying process too early because of the flash’s faulty behaviour.

Some of our competitors are selling flashes which behave as described above because they are significantly cheaper to buy. We, however, believe that secure, reliable storage of your data is more important and therefore only sell products which function in the normal way. This ensures that data is copied and stored securely and reliably.

We put high quality ahead of any possible price saving. In-house quality controls of every shipment and active partnerships with our long-standing suppliers ensure that we are able to maintain Intenso’s high quality standards.