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Power Adapter W65ACC GaN

​Say hello to the future of charging with our cutting-edge 65W Power Adapter!

Designed with you in mind, this powerhouse of a charger is about to transform the way you juice up your devices. Featuring not one, but two USB-C connectors and a USB-A connector, it’s your all-in-one solution for powering up your tech arsenal. Whether you need to charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any USB-powered gadget, it’s got you covered. It’s the perfect sidekick for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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Energy efficient and compact

What sets our 65W Power Adapter apart is the revolutionary GaN technology, making it both lighter and more energy efficient. With GaN, we’ve managed to shrink the size without compromising power. This means you can carry with ease wherever you go, leaving behind the days of lugging around bulky chargers. Plus, the energy efficiency ensures that your charging process is not only faster but also kinder to the environment and your wallet.

GaN Bulb

What is GaN?

GaN adapters are a new type of power adapter that have many advantages compared to conventional, silicon-based adapters. GaN stands for Gallium Nitrite, a material with a higher power density and efficiency. The use of GaN enables smaller power adapters that can also handle higher voltages and currents and even produce less heat.

This makes our power adapters with GaN technology smaller, faster and above all, more energy efficient!


Colour white
Input connector EU connector
Input voltage 100 - 240 V
Input alternating current frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Connections USB-C 1, USB-C2, USB-A


Article name Article no EAN
Power Adapter W65ACC GaN 7806512 4 034303 033379
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